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Closed RP: Moody and Gabriel - Darkness Falls... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tenebrae Cadent

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Closed RP: Moody and Gabriel [Nov. 21st, 2004|05:45 pm]
Tenebrae Cadent


[mood |flirtyooh la la...]

Who: Alastor Moody and Gabriel Travers
Where: The Leaky Cauldron
When: The Wednesday after the vandalism of Gabriel's shop
Rating:</boldf> PG-13 for flirtation and a kiss

From the moment Moody set eyes on Gabriel Travers in his light blue robes, he knew that this was the prettiest boy he had ever seen by far. And after a few drinks and all formalities had been dropped and they were Alastor and Gabriel to one another, he knew he was more aroused than he had ever been in his life.

It wasn't just the wine, or the boy's radiant looks with that flowing platinum hair, pale skin and clear eyes reflecting a rosy light. It was the fact that Gabriel was so entrancing, so open, so attentive and sensual. Poetry, music, religion - he could talk about it all. Even though the lad wasn't much into Quidditch, he was perfectly willing to let Alastor ramble on about it as much as he liked and really listen, his lips parted in a warm, rapt smile. He nodded sympathetically at Moody's complaints about the Daily Prophet and the Ministry too. In fact, Gabriel seemed very interested in Moody's dissatisfaction with the Ministry and how they did things... such an understanding young man.

Moody could listen as well as talk, and he wanted to know all about Gabriel. His work, what it was like to have albinism, the younger man's longings for the future, his desire for a male lover to keep house for and raise a child or children with. "I'm not that much different from a girl, really," Gabriel purred shyly as he sipped red wine from a goblet, a few ruby drops lightly staining his pale lips before he licked them away and caused Moody's heart to hammer at his ribs from longing.

Not that much different from a girl, my Archangel. Except you're not a girl, and that's what makes me want you so much... you're such a delightful angel of a boy, and I'm just aching to kiss you right here in front of everyone... I want to take you away from here and tear those robes off you, have you under me so I can kiss every inch of you...

Alastor saved the kisses for outside in a shadowed area, however. Pressing Gabriel up against the wall, feeling those sensual lips opening for him, holding the boy close and feeling unmistakably that the lad was as aroused as Moody himself. Reluctantly letting Gabriel walk off into the night, but not before the promise of another meeting.

Moody vowed he definitely would bring flowers next time.